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About Me

Hi, I'm glad you're here! 

When you get asked "Why do you work?"...or..."Why do you do what you do?" do you answer that question?

For me...the answer is easy! I work to travel the world. Traveling the world provides me opportunities to expand my knowledge of culture, of people, of community, and allows me to learn how to be a better human! I found a spark for travel in my teenage years, and that little spark quickly turned into a burning flame that fuels me every day. I crave an adventure, an opportunity to explore a new culture, try a new food, immerse myself in a community of different languages. I literally crave travel. So, why not turn that craving into a way to help other people?! 

I've had the opportunity to travel the world, and intend to keep doing so! My goal is to check off as many countries, territories, seas, mountains, vineyards and theme parks as possible. All of these experiences I embark upon first hand allow me to help guide my clients on their journey to meaning and exciting vacations. 

Maybe adventure travel isn't your preference. No worries! I've spent countless days soaking up the sun at an all-inclusive beach resort, and just as many days sitting in a chateau in Northern Europe with a good book and cup of hot coco! 

I'm a travel agent who desires to help others turn normal moments into lifelong memories. No moment is too small, and no moment is too big to turn into a memory! 

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