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Terms + Conditions

Explore below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions and our Terms + Conditions. 

Travel Agreement TRAVEL AGREEMENT To facilitate the booking of travel (airfare, hotel/resort, cruise, tour, ground transportation, excursions, etc. or any desired combination), a nonrefundable Consulting Fee applies. Consultant Fee waived if client is booking as part of an existing group event.

Terms and Conditions TERMS AND CONDITIONS Client authorizes Atlas Travel to act as consultant for the airline, tour operator, supplier, cruise line or other supplier as indicated in the documents, brochures, correspondence or other communication that will be used for travel. Client understands these suppliers are responsible for providing the travel services purchased. Client consents to and requests the use of those suppliers. Client accepts that Atlas Travel is NOT responsible for, nor will Client attempt to hold Atlas Travel liable for any injury, damage or loss suffered for any conditions, actions or omissions that are beyond the reasonable control of Atlas Travel. Atlas Travel warrants and declares that every effort will be made to provide the best prices available for the resorts selected by the Client. In the unlikely event that a catastrophic situation should occur to redirect or reschedule travel plans and the supplier is unable to provide the agreed upon travel services and/or products, Atlas Travel is not responsible for any other damages, emotional or otherwise. Client understands that if traveling internationally all persons must have a valid passport book. Client understands that a passport card is not valid for air travel. Depending on destination and the origin of passport, client may need to obtain a visa. Proof of citizenship is required for travel outside the United States. Atlas Travel will advise clients of the supplier's refund, change and cancellation fees and penalties. Client is aware that the airline ticket, especially holiday, group and discounted fares, may be subject to the loss of some or all the fare or require the expenditure of additional money if client elects to change or cancel this reservation. Client agrees that customized travel is fully nonrefundable and nontransferable. Depending on the supplie, client may be able to change dates of travel but additional fees may be assessed (fees to be determined by supplier). Client agrees that adequate travel insurance protection will be considered for travels to include but not be limited to cancellation and trip interruption, trip delay, medical coverage and loss of baggage coverage. If this protection is declined, a signed liability release waiver form will be required to proceed with travel booking. If client denies travel insurance recommendation, client recognizes that Atlas Travel is not responsible for any damages, emotional, financial, or otherwise. Client agrees to review and agree to all the terms and conditions of penalties on resorts, tours/excursions, insurance and airlines. Client will review the travel documents upon receipt for accuracy. Client may contact their Atlas Travel Consultant with any questions at any time.

We are comitted to the following Negotiate booking of travel (airfare, hotel/resort, cruise, tour, ground transportation, excursions, etc. or any desired combination) Collaborate with client(s) to determine budget, location and additional details. Collect the resort deposit and apply that payment on clients behalf as mutually agreed upon by all parties. Manage all travel portfolio details such as payment, invoicing and room allocation details as mutually agreed upon by all parties. Handle all files in the event of any supplier changes. Provide consultation to the client and their fellow travelers during the planning stage and respond to all queries in a timely manner. Provide all travel documents to client no later than ten (10) days prior to departure. Provide support to client for any issues that may occur before, during and/or after travel. Create a private, or public, webpage for the travel itinerary, if requested (additional fees starting at $100 for one page), and include pertinent information about travel destination, payment date reminders, etc. The consultation fee paid entitles client to a maximum of two (2) accommodation quotes in no more than two (2) destinations, valid for 30 days, inclusive of accommodation locations, transfers (transportation), activities and tours. Produce in a timely manner a written organizational plan (referred to as a Travel Itinerary) to include, but not limited to, payment transfer amounts and scheduling between client and resort, airlines, transportation companies, etc.

We ask our clients to agree to the following Provide timely responses to Atlas Travel communications. Give due diligence to relevant travel warnings. Encourage friends and family to make reservations exclusively through Atlas Travel. Be responsible for completing travel specific duties including, but not limited to, reviewing quotes, securing visa(s), ensuring passport(s) are current, provide feedback to Atlas Travel in a timely manner, etc. Client agrees to make all payments by the stated deadlines.

Cancellation & Refund CANCELLATION & REFUND All refunds will be processed according to the manner in which you paid. Unless stated otherwise in these terms and conditions, please allow thirty (30) days for refunds to be processed. If full payment is not received by the due date, the reservation may be released. To avoid or reduce cancellation fees, we recommend the purchase of travel insurance. All cancellations and refund requests must be made in writing to Your cancellation date will be the date we receive your notice. No verbal refund requests will be honored. Other than any non-refundable deposits or trip components (ie. flights, hotels, tours, etc), amounts paid to Atlas Travel are refundable until 75 days prior to your tour. After that point, refunds of final payment will be honored as follows: 74-50 days prior to departure: 50% 49-25 days prior to departure: 25% 24-15 days prior to departure: 15% 14 days & after prior to departure: No refund Cancellation penalties and fees imposed by our suppliers may be additional and, if imposed, will be deducted from the above refunds, if any. No refunds will be made after the commencement of your tour, whether for early termination, voluntary absence from the tour, or for any unused services. Your decision not to travel due to State Department warnings, fear of travel, illness, or any other reason, will be deemed a cancellation. If a flight or other delay for any reason causes you to miss services, no refunds will be given. Please allow 30 days for the administration of refunds. Comprehensive travel insurance (including trip delay, trip cancellation, trip interruption, and baggage) and health, accident and medical evacuation insurance are strongly recommended.

Price Guarantee PRICE GUARANTEE The price for the itineraries you’ve booked is locked in and guaranteed when we receive your deposit (Note: Atlas Travel Itineraries are custom to your needs and are subject to change without notice if you have not locked in your price by paying a deposit). We do reserve the right to re-invoice you in case an error is made in calculating your price. We cannot be responsible for typographical errors, misprints, and misquotes.

Price Exclusions PRICE EXCLUSIONS Itinerary package prices do not include any items other than those listed in the tour itinerary, such as visas, passport fees, trip insurance, incidental charges (snacks, laundry, phone calls, pay-tv movies, etc.), beverages, meals not stated in your tour itinerary, and items of a personal nature. Gratuities for your host(s), motorcoach driver, hotel housekeepers, or other staff are not included unless otherwise specified on your tour’s page.

Binding Release, Waiver of Liability, and Assumption of Risk BINDING RELEASE, WAIVER OF LIABILITY, AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK I understand that Atlas Travel is not the supplier of the travel services I have requested. I have been advised that the suppliers whose names appear in the information provided to me in the trip package, or otherwise specified, are those who are actually responsible for providing the travel services I have purchased. I consent to and request the use of those suppliers and agree not to hold Atlas Travel responsible should any of these suppliers: 1) fail to provide the travel services I have purchased; 2) fail to comply with any applicable law; or 3) engage in any negligent act or omission that causes me any sort of injury, damage, delay or inconvenience.

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